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Content Evaluators

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The ICT@Schools endeavours to provide varied digital resources to students and teachers. In order to ensure the accuracy and suitability of content, it proposes to evaluate the content through independent evaluators.

If you wish to be an evaluator and have the following qualifications:


Criterion for an E –Content Evaluator



  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent from a Recognized University with 50% marks or above
  • Experience of teaching in relevant subject at school level/ training of teachers/curriculum development


  • Experience in Educational Communication
  • Experience in writing Instructional Design/Story Board /Multimedia/Textbooks/Production of Audio/Video/Multimedia/Digital Content

Send in  your resume at  or at the following address:


Joint Director

Central Institute of Educational Technology

National Council of Educational Research & Training

Sri Aurobindo Marg

New Delhi 110016

List of Registered e-content reviewers