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Specifications for Submission of Digital Content

NROER is a digital repository for Open Educational Resources. The repository proposes to house a wide range of educational content and resources covering all subjects and all grades for school students, teachers and other stakeholders in the field of school education.


Who can contribute?

Any individual or institution who owns or has developed educational resources and is willing to contribute the digital resources for the larger cause of education.



What can be contributed?


Any educational resource that supplements or enriches the school curriculum. The idea is to provide scope for value addition to various subjects offered at the school level. The resources could be in any of the following formats:


  • Video
  • Audio
  • Learning Objects
  • Multimedia
  • Concept maps
  • Photographs
  • Graphics
  • Essays/presentations
  • Educational games
  • Question banks
  • Activities
  • Worksheets

You are requested to submit raw uncompressed images/photographs; source files for animation; and audio/video in its native format. Content in various Indian languages are particularly preferred. Please ensure that all text in the digital resource uses a UNICODE font, facilitating its accurate display and translation.To know more on how to contribute write to us at


Note: Any content on this portal will be protected under an appropriate creative commons license so as to enable its translation into other languages and its large scale dissemination in the school system. The contributor has to agree to this pre-condition