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Financing and Sustainability

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  • The procurement and utilisation of the ICT infrastructure requires appropriate allocations through both Centrally Sponsored as well as State schemes. These can be supplemented through public private partnerships and as part of corporate social responsibilities. The States will make adequate allocations in their budgets to ensure uninterrupted support to the ICT programme
  • Each school will develop an ICT plan, based on local specific requirement, to optimally utilise the infrastructure established in a cost effective manner. This will be based on the learning needs of the students and training requirements of all staff, including teachers and administrators.
  • The school level plans will be reviewed at the district/ State to make available adequate resources for raising the quality of education imparted.
  • The States will adapt appropriate models of infrastructure, procurement, maintenance to keep the total cost of operation low and optimising investments. It will also ensure optimum utilisation and minimise renewal and upgradation.
  • States and local bodies will encourage the participation of individuals and institutions from the private and non-governmental sectors, particularly through their corporate social responsibility programmes in development of infrastructure, development and/or supply of software and content, informing technology choices and capacity building. Their participation will be guided by prevailing Government standards and norms.
  • States and local bodies will create the mechanisms to utilise the talents and facilitate the utilisation of voluntary services of professionally qualified youth in the school ICT programme, development of digitalm learning resources and software tools, and research and evaluation.
  • States will maintain a directory of volunteers, resource persons and support institutions for facilitating their participation in the ICT programme.