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States will adopt or adapt an e-governance and automated school administration programme for schools, build capacities for its implementation and deploy school based Management Information Systems (MIS). These MIS will be integrated with the proposed state wide web based School Education Management Information System.

A school wide local area network enables automation of a variety of processes. Beginning with library automation, locally cached offline access to internet resources, office automation, maintenance of records, student tracking, resource planning, using the existing ICT infrastructure will increase efficiencies. At the same time, savings in cost, time and effort will also accrue. The school wide local area network will be used to facilitate this automation.



  • A nation wide network will be established in which schools, teachers, students, school managers, and the community at large participate. This implementation will include the School Management Information Systems (School MIS); digital repositories of tools, content and resources; professional development and continuing education platforms; and guidance, counselling and other student support services.
  • School MIS will emerge as a single window clearing house on all information related to the secondary school system. The information will facilitate research and analysis activities and guide decision making at different levels in the education system, contributing to enhanced efficiencies.
  • The scope of information to be collated by the MIS will be broad and include student and teacher tracking, particularly for their academic needs. The norms will also define standards of technology including language fonts, word processors, technical dictionaries, etc. Open standards facilitating universal access to information, content and resources will be ensured.