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Monitoring and Evaluation

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A mechanism for regular monitoring and evaluation will be made an integral part of the ICT programme. The State advisory group will function as the nodal agency for this process.


  • The Advisory Group constituted by the States will identify criteria, performance measures, periodicity of monitoring/ measurement, methodology to be adopted and reporting mechanism.
  • Monitoring of progress and achievement of physical targets will be an ongoing activity built into the ICT programme. In addition to the national level monitoring of targets and objectives, the respective States would have an internal mechanism for overseeing the implementation of the programme through a monitoring committee constituted for the purpose. The School Education Management Information System (SEMIS) and DISE would be a part of the monitoring tool.


  • An independent third party evaluation of the programme will be undertaken at appropriate stages in the project. The States will identify a suitable agency to carry out the evaluation as per the requirements of the project.
  • The criteria for evaluation will include various aspects related to each of the segments of the policy, viz., the ICT programme, infrastructure,digital resources, capacity building and the overall management of the programme. A framework for evaluation criteria will be developed.
  • University Departments of Education, Educational Technology or ICT related departments will be encouraged by the States to take up research studies on various as4pects, like impact assessment studies of the ICT programme, in order to inform and correct the process.


  • The results and findings from the monitoring, evaluation and research will be widely disseminated and used not only to correct each aspect of the ICT programme, but also to enable dissemination of best practices.


  • The ICT Policy for School Education recognises the need for frequent revisiting of its provisions. A suitable mechanism to revisit each segment of the Policy will be evolved. The policy will ideally be revised every two years.
  • A broad mechanism for consultations with all stake holders will be evolved. Inputs from the inter ministerial group, the State advisory groups, the monitoring and evaluation findings, the programme monitoring and evaluation group will be utilised for informing the revision.