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Vision, Mission and Policy Goals

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The ICT Policy in School Education aims at preparing youth to participate creatively in the establishment, sustenance and growth of a knowledge society leading to all round socio-economic development of the nation and global competitiveness.


To devise, catalyse, support and sustain ICT and ICT enabled activities and processes in order to improve access, quality and efficiency in the school system


To achieve the above, the ICT Policy in School Education will endeavour to:


  • an environment to develop a community knowledgeable about ICT
  • an ICT literate community which can deploy, utilise, benefit from ICT and contribute to nation building
  • an environment of collaboration, cooperation and sharing, conducive to the creation of a demand for optimal utilisation of and optimum returns on the potentials of ICT in education.


  • universal, equitable, open and free access to a state of the art ICT and ICT enabled tools and resources to all students and teachers
  • development of local and localised quality content and to enable students and teachers to partner in the development and critical use of shared digital resources
  • development of professional networks of teachers, resource persons and schools to catalyse and support resource sharing, upgradation, and continuing education of teachers; guidance, counselling and academic support to students; and resource sharing, management and networking of school managers and administrators, resulting in improved efficiencies in the schooling process
  • research, evaluation and experimentation in ICT tools and ICT enabled practices in order to inform, guide and utilise the potentials of ICT in school education
  • a critical understanding of ICT, its benefits, dangers and limitations.


  • wider participation of all sections of society in strengthening the school education process through appropriate utilisation of ICT.