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Organisation of Repository

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NROER is a comprehensive digital repository of resources that can be used by teachers in the teaching learning process. Conceptualized as a collaborative workspace, NROER provides a platform for teachers to create content which is localized and cater to the needs of their students. The idea is to make a variety of resources available to teachers so that they use the one which is most appropriate to their teaching style, the needs of students and aids the learning of the subject.


The media resources in the repository are organised according to subjects. The subjects are currently divided into 5 categories; Mathematics, Science, Social Science, languages and Art Education. Click on a particular category for a detailed listing of concepts. Various resources are collected and created around those concepts. Teachers can access audio, video, learning objects, images, questions banks, activities & presentations etc related to those concepts. They can also upload resources which will be subjected to review by experts. In addition to accessing and uploading resources, NROER allows teachers to download, share, comment and rate media resources.

Content on the Repository

Concept Maps:  Connecting Knowledge

The content in the repository is organized using concept maps dynamically generated by the system. The maps present a snap shot of the topics being dealt with, aiding the teacher's planning. One can also navigate along the nodes selecting other concepts. Teachers are invited to add new concepts or modify existing ones.

Media Resources

The purpose of these collections is to help teachers access the best digital resources for use in their teaching learning. The resources are a growing collection and contributions are invited in any language for different subjects and all sectors of school education. Teachers are also invited review the mapping of the resources to concepts, and to comment about the resources. The resources on the repository are classified as audio, video, interactive objects, images and documents.


A variety of audio programmes is mapped to the concepts. The repository already includes collections on women achievers, folk stories and songs, inventions and discoveries, famous writers & scientists and the collection is growing.


A wide spectrum of videos is hosted on the repository. The featured video collections include series on land and people, dance forms of India, science experiments and video lectures on a variety of topics.

Interactive objects

Interactive objects are available in a variety of forms. GeoGebra applets in mathematics and animations are available in science & mathematics.


Photographs are available in the form of albums. The repository hosts a rare collection of photographs on the freedom movement, monuments and minerals.  Maps, illustrations, graphics, paintings, etc. also form a part of the repository.


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