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ICT Curriculum for Teachers

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The teachers' curriculum is considered a significant vehicle for the realisation of the goals of the National Curriculum Framework and consequently is designed to provide an enhanced exposure to information and resources for ongoing professional support, improved teaching-learning-evaluation-tracking, and increased productivity.

The National Policy on ICT in School Education organises the competencies for ICT Literacy into three broad levels, basic, intermediate and advanced, and the curriculum subsumes them.

Competency Levels

The Learning Strands

The learning strands seek to build capacities to handling today's and tomorrow's technologies appropriate for use in education, capitalizing on technology to master technology, managing the ICT infrastructure, using technology to surmount barriers and to acquire insights to lead technology educationally. The six strands are:


The ICT curriculum broadly attempts to equip teachers with ICT competencies to strengthen their own professional capabilities and to effectively use ICT tools and devices in their teaching-learning. Teachers will also be trained to manage the ICT environment in the school and function as a local coordinator for organising capacity building programmes.

The curriculum therefore is rolled out as a series of short courses, spanning the six strands and ensuring together the basic, intermediate and advanced levels of competence. Three induction courses and fourteen refresher courses leading to a diploma in ICT in education is proposed. The first set of six refresher courses will be organized in between the first and second induction courses and a second set of eight refresher courses will be organized between second and third induction courses. Refresher ten to fourteen will include optional courses; a number of subject specific and interest based courses will be offered under these refresher courses so that a teacher may choose any four courses from them.